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Integrated Circuits

We buy integrated circuits from many different vendors and would like to see what you have to offer as well. We can buy new, sometimes used, and obsolete ICs to add to our robust inventory. Since IC's are always changing, excess management is an important topic.


We buy your new and used capacitors back to save you an effort of finding a new application for their use or not a fair buy back price. Our excess inventory program is a great way to facilitate great relationships with our clients.


We buy back resistors from Dale, KOA, Rohm, and more to allow us a full inventory on the leading resistor components in the industry. We want our customers to come to us not just for purchasing new components, but also to get rid of old ones. We will make quality offers on the components you need to get rid of.


Connectors are always being interchanged and swapped out for new ones, so we help facilitate that for our customers by buying their excess. We love it when we can help our customer by purchasing their excess while at the same time providing the new connectors they need for their application.


Need to get rid of excess reels of transistors? HMB Electronics is your best option when it comes to this, offering great buy back pricing as well as smooth transactions. We want to help our customers in any way we can, and this is one of the many areas we excel in.

Computer Peripherals

Peripherals and other Computer Products are sometimes hard to get rid of when they are slightly used or in refurbished condition. We look to provide reasonable options to our customers who have excess inventory of these computer peripherals so that they do not end up with old products sitting on their shelves.

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